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Our mission is to provide innovative technologies and solutions, reliable and who identify with the people and the needs of the market and covering the various industries / sectors in which we operate.

The INFOECO, Services and Consulting, is a company specializing in Systems and Information Technologies. Acting in the Portuguese market since 1993, the company is active in a wide variety of sectors, particularly in the area of Health (Medical Clinics, Dental, Polyclinics and Hospitals), Industry, Construction, Retail, Telecommunications, Transport and Services… View More


The ANSign application is presented as the integral module of the Clinical Management Software (including the Administrative Process Management, Dentewin 10.

It is a key tool for speeding up the process of recording the treatment to be performed on the patient, as it allows the collection of information directly from the patient who answers the questions in a Tablet and they are immediately incorporated into the records of the same patient in Dentewin 10.

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Verticale – Software for Production and Marketing of Footwear

INFOECO as a manufacturer of Systems and Management Solutions, will introduce you to a new Program for the Integrated Management of Footwear Manufacturing and Marketing Units and their Components, Verticale.

Verticale is intended for small, medium and large companies in which the aim is to produce and market products of different models, colors, shapes and sizes. It has different modules from the warehouse to the orders, to the supplier, the program is quite versatile particularly for companies where different tasks are performed using different devices (computers, laptops and or tablets, label printers and other automatons) in different environments.

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Main Products

Developed based on the specifications of the Ministry of Health spms, the software allows to create, issue and renew recipes based on the automatic validations that make the entities managing the system. It also allows, among other functions, to store the revenue history.

Dentewin 10 is a Dental Clinic Management software designed to work in a Windows environment, which in a simple and efficient way will allow you to manage your clinic, from Agendas and Queries to Stock and Billing Management.

GesPoliclínica 9 is Professional Management Software for Clinics, Medical and Polyclinic Offices.

Gespoliclínica allows the Management of treatments of multiple specialty, such as, General Clinic, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Exams / Radiology, Physiotherapy, Orthopedics, Gynecology, Urulogia, among others.

This software allows the management and budgetary control of the Works, in particular; the Management of Suppliers, Materials and Manpower, the Elaboration and Control of Budgets, Work Plans. Current Accounts, the issuance of Reports and Management Maps such as the Position of the Work, Extracts, Work Maps, Financial Schedules, Medication Carts and Balance Sheets, are part of the range of functionalities included.